BLE offers the following services under the highly specialized and committed members. We can produce just about anything that is necessary to  ccomplish the objectives of our client.

Our Construction services
 Houses
 Bungalows
 Villas
 Health structure
 Schools

Our Water and Sanitation Schemes
 Water drainage
 Sanitation schemes
 Water supply schemes
 Tube-well holes
 Tube-well rooms

Our Surveillance Systems
 CCTV Cameras
 Hesco Bags
 Metal Detectors
 Burglar Alarms

Our Solar Power Projects

 Low Voltage Solar Projects

Our Building Electrification
 Structure Cabling
 Low Voltage Cabling
 Power Cabling
 Single and 3 Phase wiring

Our Networking System
 Wire Wired and wireless system
 Point to Point and multi Point

Our Protection Schemes
 Video Surveillance,
 Walk, Through Gates, HESCO
 Bags
 Hand Held Detecting System
 Explosive Detective

Earthing & Lightning Protection System

  • Earthing System
  • Power Protection System
  • Lightning Protection System
  • Structural Lightning Protection

Any Other Item on special request of Clients