We understand the importance of innovation and professionalism

Bay-Lan Engineering Services is an independent private firm founded in 2001. BayLan Engineering carried out various projects in different sectors both in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and different states of Afghanistan

BLE delivered satisfactory services to number of clients within stipulated time periods with consummate efficiency coupled with quality. BayLan Engineering offers a verity of services to its clients with their entire satisfaction in different sectors purely based on their past extensive experiences like Surveillance Systems, Protection Plans, Networking  System, Building Electrification, Solar Power, Water and Sanitation Schemes.
BLE also provides surveys, Need Assessment and Focal Group Disscusions in different sectors. BLE can also arrange different Trainings and workshops like Enterprise Development, Livestock Provision,  Agriculture Inputs and Tool Kits, Provision of livestock and Provision of all kinds of Trainings and Workshops in time and with quality.
BLE offers quality services through its dynamic, experienced and qualified technical staff and quality control. BLE has earned admirable credential in a short span of a decade and is marching ahead with confidence and pride adding more benefits and quality to their clients..
BLE feels pride in introducing surveillance cameras across Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Peshawar in the wake of violence that plagued the area in last decade. BLE also has feather of introducing solar power projects in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in its cap for overcoming much needed energy needs.